Thursday, October 31, 2002

Judy Blume. Forever. Pocket Books, 1975.

Recommended Age Range: 12 and up

Plot Summary: When high school seniors Katherine and Michael fall in love, they think that it will last forever. Little do they realize that love is not that simple.

Evaluation of Reader Appeal: This is a realistic story of first love and the loss of innocence that it brings. I think that this book will appeal more to middle schoolers than to older high school students because it feels slightly less sophisticated. It has stood the test of time but I think that some of today's teenagers might feel it is slightly outdated.

Evaluation of Literary Merit: I like this book. The first person narrative is very effective since the story is personal. The voice rings true, especially when Katherine is dealing with her conflicting feelings of being attracted to two different people at the same time. Judy Blume has won the Margaret A. Edwards award.

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